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Make Him Desire You – The achievement any goal involves careful planning and diligence along the path to success. That could mean studying hard to get into the best educational programs which will make you eligible for your dream job. It could mean hiring an innovative architect to design and build a house you have envisioned since childhood. But when it comes to relationships, unless you are from a culture with arranged marriages, things seldom go according to plan. It is incredibly uncommon to want the one who wants you, or to be wanted by the one you want. It may be a matter of timing, but more likely it has to do with the complex and sometimes incompatible needs and desires of men and women. This is one of the insights contained in Alex Carter’s book How To Make Him Desire You.

The Perfect Plan for a Passionate Partnership

A little bit of planning can help you to attract a life partner, and make you attractive to others at the same time. By following a few simple steps, you can vastly increase your chances of success when it comes to romantic relationships. By sketching out a clear picture of what you want, you will naturally begin to notice these things in your environment, or seek them out if they are far from you at the moment. In other words, drawing your perfect life can simultaneously draw your perfect mate to you.

Step 1: Picture The Life You Desire
There is no point in complaining about how unhappy you are or what is missing from your life if you have no clear picture in your mind of the ideal situation. Picture it in great detail.

Step 2: Take Inventory
Considering the image you just identified as ideal, look around and decide what is consistent with that dream, and what is not. Keep only the things that fit into the picture you have drawn of the life you want. Everything else should be released. Physical objects can be donated to charity. Personality traits may be more difficult to change, but with dedication you can shed them, too.

Step 3: Reject, Replace, Repair, Replenish
You must purge your life of things which hold you down, demand attention and prevent you from attracting what you want. Once you have done so, you will have empty space, and a sense of fresh air and the freedom to add the things that are necessary to make your dream a reality. Little by little, you will attain the life you want.

Step 4: Draw Him To You
In a crowded restaurant or park, don’t you naturally seek out the empty seat or table? It would be strange to sit at a place already occupied by others. Likewise, leaving room in your life for your ideal romantic partner makes good sense. This is exactly what is suggested in Alex Carter’s “How To Make Him Desire You”. A man needs to feel like there is room in your life — and your plans — for him

Make him desire you now

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