Attraction vs. Distraction How To Make Him Desire You

Attraction vs. Distraction

How to Make Him Desire You

Many women are driven mad by not being able to hold the attention of the man they desire. Alex Carter’s brilliant book How To Make Him Desire You reverses the madness so that you will be in the driver’s seat, driving him mad with desire for you.

You Should Not Have to Compete With Electronic Gadgets

Man and Video games

Increasing a man’s desire for you involves distracting him from whatever seems to capture his attention now, at this very moment. This is because, as women, we should not have to compete with smartphones, computers, video games or televised sports for a man’s attention. After all, we are warm flesh-and-blood creatures capable of giving and receiving great pleasure, and those things are made of cold hard metal. In most cases, those devices are incapable of responding to your man, and so the relationships are one-way only. This is what makes them ultimately unsatisfying, and why you should teach him (without overt instruction) to look up from that glowing screen and into your shining eyes.

The trick to distracting a man from work, sports or games is to distinguish yourself from those things and make him understand what you alone can offer in terms of deep pleasure and satisfaction. After all, what warm-blooded man would rather spend an afternoon laying on the couch watching football when he could be enjoying the mental and physical stimulation of time shared together with an interesting woman who also wants to be with him?

First Comes Attention, Then Comes Desire

Alex Carter’s how-to guide to making a man desire a woman includes confidential and intimate secrets for the most effective ways to turn a man’s attention away from the things which distract him from you so that his focus is entirely on you. There can be no desire without a need to pursue something, so the advice contained in the book will outline, in a step-by-step fashion, the ways you can become an object of his pursuit, and ultimately the object of his intense and burning desire.

The art of getting him book review

It is important to stress that this guide is not your typical relationship advice book, encouraging you to simply play “hard to get” in order to get your man. Rather, the methods outlined in the book will make him desire you without him ever being aware that you are actually in control of the situation. Think about it: if he knows that you have this power over him, he could feel like the prey instead of the predator, which will not make him feel like a man. Therefore, it is vital to follow the advice in “How To Make Him Desire You” if you want to quickly succeed in your quest to be the object of his attention and affection.

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