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Capture His Heart

Capture His Heart Review By Claire Casey

Listen to any song on the radio and you will sense the pulsing rhythm of the human heart. Musical beats mimic heartbeats, so that even songs which do not seem to be about love have an effect on the heart — even songs without words. In Claire Casey’s Capture His Heart, women learn how to take advantage of the rhythms of modern world to attract a man toward you, so that he will eventually yield to your desire for him and his heart will be yours to keep.

Main Concept Inside The Book: Be His One and Only

In Capture His Heart, the author reminds of us a simple truth. One of the things that make the heart a truly precious thing, in addition to the obvious role it plays in keeping us alive, is that we each have only one. We might wish we had more than one so that we could divide our affections for more than one person, and we might wish that the man we desire had more than one if his already belongs to another woman, but the fact remains that there is only one heart for each of us. It is truly a momentous occasion when a person gives his or her heart to another.

What It Will Do For You

Love is tricky and the human heart can be fickle, so Capture His Heart wastes no time getting right to the point of the matter. It provides a map for how a woman can move from a place of distant admiration to being the recipient of a man’s heartfelt love and affection. Like a fisherman casting a net into the sea, a woman must maximize the reach of her feminine power and slowly, slowly, slowly draw the prize toward her. It takes patience and sometimes a bit of deceit, but the reward is a deep feeling of comfort and satisfaction at the end of the day.

Pros of Capture His Heart

The best thing about Clair Casey’s guide is that it is written for the modern woman, struggling to find love in a world where gender roles are not as clearly defined as they were decades ago. Nonetheless, some elements of male-female relations remain constant, and by incorporating modern methods of communication a woman has a better chance of capitalizing on those fundamental aspects. For example, it can seem impossible to get a man to look up from his cold, hard cell phone and into your warm, soft eyes. This would never have been a problem for our grandparents or even our parents, but “Capture His Heart” realizes the necessity of turning a distraction into an asset.

Cons of Capture His Heart

The art of getting him book review

One of the drawbacks of Capture His Heart is that it is so focused on successfully captivating a man that it does not address how to keep what you capture. If it was all about proving that you could win him over, you will lose your enthusiasm after the thrill of the chase. This happens all the time, unfortunately, but if you do not plan to treat him well, you do not deserve his heart. Sooner or later he will discover that, and you will be perceived as a cruel huntress and he will be one more man in the world who distrusts women, making it harder for both him and his future partners.


But if your intentions were true and loving all along, how you treat him is just as important as what you did to bring him to this point. The aim is to keep him beside you, and for your hearts to learn to beat in sync with each other. A great resource for advice about how to achieve this is Alex Carter’s How To Make Him Desire You. It illustrates the point that love is an ongoing procedure, not a single event, and takes continuous attention and nurturing to blossom day after day, month after month, year after year, for as long as your hearts shall beat. On the other side you have to check out the book Capture His Heart immediately

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