Make him forget other women

Make him forget other women

3 Ways to Completely Capture the Attention of a Man & Make Him Forget the Other Women

Make him forget other women – Many women are always complaining about how it is hard to keep good men. With the endless supply of beauties confronting that alpha male macho guy. It is a big wonder how any lady can completely capture the attention of this rare kind of gentleman and make him forget other women. You want to get in his arms and most importantly, you want to get in his mind and completely colonize it to the point that you are the main theme in his mind. If that is the case, do yourself a favor: read ‘the art of getting him’ book.

Do All The Basics Including:

Treating Him Right

Before you start thinking of other things you can do to get the undivided attention of a man. Make sure that you have done all the basics. The starting point of making him to desire you is doing the basics such as treating him right and always being there for him. However, at some point, you will have to do more than the basics especially if you want to make him forget other women.

Up Your Game

Do More than the Basics. There is more to capturing his attention than giving him what he wants and the desired treatment. Remember: dozens of single girls are struggling for the attention of your man especially if he has everything that a girl is looking for. Therefore, at some point you have to do more than the basics. If you give him want he wants and treats him right, you have only done a single part of the equation. There are other parts of the puzzle that have to be completed so that to get what you are looking for: unfailing love, undivided attention, and long-term commitment.

Roonin Stark has gone in-depth on the issues that you have to do to make him forget other women. You have to do something before it is too late and you start crying foul. Most likely, the only thing you might have to do to rekindle that dying romance with a man of your dreams or start a blazing fire of romance with a guy who is a true gentleman, is contained in the dating and seduction best seller for women: The Art of Getting Him.

Present Yourself as a Prize to Be Won

Do not be the easy to get type but do not make him to give up, if he is really you type and you are honestly looking to fall in love with him. Find a balance between being hard to get and still leaving some doors open that he can use to get to you. Men have the hunter instinct deep inside them. They love to hunt, they love to chase after women, and they really love the hard to get types. Make him to chase after you, make him to sweat so that to get your love and it is almost certain that you will make him to forget other women.

Do Not Be Like a Book That He Can Easily Read

Who enjoys a book with a boring plot? Add some mystery to your plot that will sent him panting over for you and you can sit back and watch as a man’s attraction towards you doubles and he is all over the place drooling all the sweetest words just to capture you love. Be mysterious: give him some work to do, make him to think hard because once he starts thinking about you, you can rest assured that you will eventually end up in his heart.

Why Is It Hard To Make Him Forget Other Women

It might be that you are having a completely wrong approach when it comes to dealing with guys. Learn how the expert girls are always on top of the pack and why they get the best men even if they are not the most beautiful girls in the crowd.

Do Not Let Him Slip Out Of Your Fingers

It is easy to lose a guy if you do not give him the attention, emotional satisfaction and the pleasure that he is looking for. That smart, macho guy with all the alpha characteristics. That rare species of gentlemen. So, you will ask, how do I make him forget other women? All you answers are found in: The Art of Getting Him. The ultimate dating and seduction handbook written by Roonin Stark exclusively for women who want to up their game.



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The Impulsive Desire Method

The Impulsive Desire Method

The Impulsive Desire Method

The Impulsive Desire Method-A deep intense, almost addictive love from a man is what you want but you are not getting. You try hard and struggle. You literally try to convince a man to like you, you cook for him great meals and you even dress sexy, just for him. All these things you are doing are great and have their place but you are missing the most important piece of the puzzle. You should not be struggling because there is the impulsive desire method that will make a man go absolutely crazy for you.

Everything you ever do to a man will not help you much until your first get this piece of the puzzle right. Once this issue is solved, everything else will start counting towards the improvement of your relationship.

Most Women Do Not get this: the impulsive desire method

This is because they have not yet read the one and only most comprehensive seduction handbook exclusively for women: make a man desire you. You know what, many people easily assume that dating tips that are good for men, can also be used by women.

That was until Roonin Stark came along with his new and revolutionary approach for dealing with men: The Art of Getting Him, an eBook that analyzes everything from the perspective of women and is designed with the emotional, psychological, and physical needs of men, in mind.

THE MOST IMPORTANT PIECE OF THE PUZZLE: the impulsive desire method

The piece of the puzzle that makes you capture the attraction, admiration, and attention of a guy like never before has everything to do with how well you play with his desires. It is about how effective you trigger his pleasure hormones and keep him going in the directions of your goals.

If your goal is to capture his mind as no woman has done before, you have to read and apply the tips listed in The Art of Getting Him!

Make Him Totally Reject Other Women

How to Be the Center of His Fascination, Mindset, World, Heart & Everything of His

It is a competitive world and if you have something that other women do not have to be assured that sooner or later someone will start laying claim to your turf. But, you can start buffering up the emotional and mental defenses of your guy using the impulsive desire method so that it becomes resilient against the wiles of other women that are geared towards taking him from you.

Be His Emotional Fix

Become to him the food that satisfies his emotional hunger.

Become to him the drug that satisfies his emotional fix.

Few ways are as effective in capturing the entirety of a man as simply connecting with his emotions. Men are just normal human beings; they have emotions. Whoever you are dealing with in this world; be it a man or a woman, young or old, educated or uneducated, rich, middle class or poor, offering that bridge where emotions connect seals the deal and provide an unbreakable bond.

Connect With His Pleasure Center

This is not what you are thinking about. It is about satisfying his intense inner urge as no woman has ever done before.  This will make him have no other woman but you. This will make him derive pleasure out of making you happy.

Once You Know What a Man Wants

It should be this simple: once you know what a man wants, it should be easy to capture his heart and to maintain his love, unfailing attention, and loyalty. But the elephant in the room is: What Do Men Want?

It has almost been like the feminine question of the decade, with writer after writer claiming that finally, he has cracked the seduction code that will allow women to enjoy an endless supply of love from their men without the distraction of the other woman/women. But is that always the case? The truth of the matter is that most dating programs fail miserably in their objectives because they are simply not deep enough and they do not touch the core of the matter.

However, with a 174 pages guide such as The Art of Getting Him, there is a guarantee that one will get light into the inner workings of the masculine mind. This will help you to know how to get that much-craved attention, love and to get the treatment of a queen that will make other women droop with jealousy when they consider all that your man is doing for you.



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Careful Whisper How To Make Him Desire You

Careful Whisper How To Make Him Desire You

Turning Down the Volume

Careful Whisper How To Make Him Desire You – The world is full of noise. A lot of it exists outside of ourselves in the blaring radios and televisions, the constant conversations of coworkers, the horns and sirens of commuters. Those sources of sound can usually be controlled by pressing a button or by walking away. The chatter in our own minds is much more difficult to quiet; it pervades most waking moments and continues as we lie in bed at night.

A Strategy of Silence

For a woman whose inner dialogue is dominated by thoughts of how she can make a man desire her, one strategy involves inserting herself into his every thought so that she is on his mind. To accomplish this, some women use the wrong approach and do everything they can to get his attention. Wearing flashy clothes or jewelry, bombarding him with messages that overtly indicate her interest, and denying him any peaceful moments in the day. It is no wonder that a man might respond to such noise by turning around and running away.

If that strategy is the wrong one, does that mean that it is better to do the opposite? According to relationship experts, the answer is a resounding yes! The woman who wants to express herself to an attractive man actually has a better chance of success when she does the opposite of everyone else. For one thing, it makes her stand out from the crowd which signals to a man that she is confident and her own person. But the quiet approach to intimacy will excite him and make him desire her, for several reasons.

Speak Softly

Imagine you are at a crowded cafe or bar, and you notice a man whose affection you seek. If you can position yourself near enough to talk to him, speaking softly will have two highly desirable effects. First, it draws his attention to your mouth, as he attempts to understand what you are saying by reading your lips. If that does not work, or when he becomes so distracted by the thought of kissing you that he completely forgets what you have said, it draws him closer so that you can repeat yourself. And that puts him in exactly the right position to be able to turn up your feminine charms.

Not every woman is fortunate enough to live in close proximity to the man of her dreams. Fortunately, if it is not possible to run into him in a social setting, the soft-speaking strategy for “Careful Whisper how to make him desire you” works well for online communication too. If you are able to use video chat services to see and speak to each other, you can still drive him crazy by keeping the attention on your mouth and voice. What you say will matter much less than how you say it, as his body responds involuntarily to your seduction.

Say No More Careful Whisper How To Make Him Desire You

As you progress toward a more intimate relationship with your man, you can continue to take advantage of hushed sentiments. Perhaps you find yourselves in a public place; why not lean over and surprise him by whispering something erotic in his ear? The more it contrasts with the setting, the higher the chance that he will be unable to think of anything else until he is able to act upon your suggestion.

The reason it is so exciting is because it is your shared secret. Screaming it out loud would be embarrassing to you both, but when the words move directly from your lips to his ear, tickling them with soft breath, it will make him desire you like never before.

It may sound too simple, but it works. When he sits in a meeting with his boss, he will think of you. When he is out with friends or stuck in traffic, he will be unable to fully concentrate on anything because you have permeated his brain by using a trick that is not obvious to most women. It is not by saying more, but by saying less in the right way, that you guarantee your place in his thoughts.

Instant Advice Now Available

Any woman who craves the attention and affection of a man will try very hard to learn how to make him desire her as much as she desires him. It can be a frustrating task in a noisy, chaotic world. For instant advice on counter-intuitive success strategies, read Alex Carter’s How To Make a Man Desire You.

the art of getting him


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The Mechanics of Desire of How To Make Him desire You

The Mechanics of Desire of How To Make Him desire You

The Mechanics Of Desire on Human Relationship

Mechanics of Desire – One of the most beautiful things about being a woman is not being expected to understand the mechanics of heavy machinery.

If the tire is flat on the car, if the oil needs changing or if there is a strange sound emanating from under the hood, all it takes is a phone call to a father, brother, boyfriend or husband to try to solve the problem.

Or, we call a mechanic and pay to leave the dirty work to the experts. For most women, there is too much else to worry, like human relationships, and how to make a man desire her. When it comes to machinery, we want things to function correctly, and we do not need to know how they work.

Men may look upon their grease-phobic female counterparts in frustration. But what they do not always appreciate is that women are very much concerned about how things work in the romance department. While a man is tinkering in the garage with screws and tools, a woman is usually hard at work analyzing the moving parts of her relationship with a man. One of the most perplexing – but rewarding – challenges is learning to make him desire her. There are several correlations between mechanical and flesh-and-blood relationships.

Little Pieces Are Important on Mechanics Desire

Taking things apart to understand how they work at a fundamental level can reveal fascinating insights. For an auto mechanic or repairman, this usually means keeping track of lots of tiny parts that each contribute something to the whole machine. Misplacing something small can have disastrous consequences, especially if a lot of work is involved in rebuilding a piece of equipment. Likewise, the breakdown of a small component can render a giant machine inoperable.

It is the same with relationships. Women typically excel in the analysis of human behavior, which is why their careful observations of male habits can reveal how to make him desire her. Unfortunately for men, this same attention to detail makes it easy for a man to upset a woman by saying the wrong thing or forgetting to do something extraordinary.

The man may be utterly oblivious to the oversight, but the woman seldom forgets, and the relationship can stall or have performance problems because the man does not know how to fix what broken beneath the surface.

Get Your Hands Dirty on mechanics of desire

Another similarity between mechanical things and human relationships is to solve messy problems; no one should be afraid to get dirty. For men trying to fix a problem with a motorcycle or car, it can assume that there will be oil and grease involved, and hands are not going to stay very clean. For a couple working on how to keep a relationship on track, honesty means admitting faults and forgiving each other. It is essential to the future functioning of the connection, but tears are bound to shed as defenses break down.

It has often said that women are too sensitive and secretive and that if they would tell a man what they want, then there would be harmony. The man who thinks this way should remind of what works for him in the garage or repair shop: nothing gets fixed without solving the more profound, hidden problems. Putting a shiny coat of paint on an old car does not guarantee that it will run well. The woman who succeeds in showing this universal truth to her man will make him desire her for being willing to relate her point of view with his.

Maintenance Is Important

In addition to paying attention to detail and being willing to fix what broken, a key component of proper function for both automated machinery and human relationships is regular maintenance. The woman who wants to know the “mechanics of desire” long past the honeymoon period of a courtship could learn from her car salesman when he reminds her of the importance of periodic oil changes, maintaining the right tire pressure, and replacing worn parts. It is vital to take inventory every once in a while, which shows that nothing is taken for granted.

Men do not always like to fix what is not broken, but without ensuring the quality of all parts of a machine or relationship, it is more likely that something will break down eventually. An excellent manual for healthy relationships is Roonin Stark’s The Art of Getting Him, now available online. The Art of Getting Him



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The First Taste Of Desire

The First Taste Of Desire

The Very First Time – The First Taste Of Desire

The First Taste Of Desire-The first time for anything is memorable, but first loves have the power to resonate throughout a lifetime. If it was wonderful. You forever compare successive relationships to that first one. If you were left heartbroken, it can take a long time to dismantle your defenses to let anyone else inside that space. Eventually, you succumb to the urge of intimate connection and feel confident enough to make a man desire you anew.

Once Upon A Time

The first time I fell in love, it was an inappropriate match, but it set the course of my nontraditional life. Our age difference would have worried anyone who knew about it at the time, but no one did. No laws were broken, but his position of influence at the time could have gotten him fired. I was much older than Lolita, but the intensity of our forbidden relationship was no less thrilling. Maybe that is why the memory is so vibrant in my mind.

The way we came together sounds contrived, and I cannot write the details of the setting without sounding like I am imagining a fairy tale, or borrowing from books. The landscape, the historical building where it all happened, the rising tension over a series of months and the ultimate connection follow the plot of a novel, though I am no fiction writer. Nonetheless, if I wrote it down, it would sound made up. Instead, it is the true story of how I first learned to “Make Him Desire” me.

When I saw him for the first time there were no fireworks. He was not well-dressed; he did not use polite language. His hair was wild. Beneath the messy mane was a wild mind, as passionate and poetic as any I had ever encountered. Instead of appeasing me, he challenged every opinion I expressed. It stirred something inside of me that was a potent mixture or rage and respect. I went to bed every night still thinking about our conversations.

And Then…

One day after the usual stimulating exchange of words, I knew I wanted to know him differently than the way the others in our circle knew him. The urge to know how his mind worked drew me to his body, the closest I could get to his brain. I wanted him, and I wanted him to want me too.

He did. I knew it because of something he told me in another language I had never heard before. I memorized the sound of the unfamiliar words and contacted a friend who spoke the same tongue. She translated his words as “Your mouth is beautiful.” When I recovered from the revelation, I knew I had the green light to take a step closer to make him desire me.

The first time we were alone together, every cell of my body resonated with energy. Our physical attraction was magnetic and there was no obstacle to our intimacy. There was no space between us for the words we had bantered back and forth for months. There was no space between us at all.

He taught me something about how to make him desire me. Just as he had responded to my words with words, he responded to my touch with touch. It was a fluid exchange of appreciation and attraction that I will remember until my last breath.

The End

Unlike fairy tales, the romance did not endure forever. When it ended, as it had to, given the temporary nature of our time together, he was hurt and angry. He accused me of seducing him. He wrote me letters and I burned them in the sink of my tiny apartment, desperate to destroy the poisonous accusations that threatened to overshadow the happy moments we had shared.

We have forgiven each other, and I think that happened because of the fundamental respect we had for each other before we were lovers. The best part? Over twenty years later, we still write to each other. He is married with a child and lives in another country. I live my life my way, very much influenced by what happened in that magical place in that brief moment of time, when I learned how to make him desire me.

If you feel like you have tried everything to make him desire you and you are not getting the results you want, check out the great advice contained in Roonin Stark’s The Art of Getting Him.

the art of getting him



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Balancing Gender Stereotypes

Balancing Gender Stereotypes

A Little Respect

Make Him Desire You – Throughout the world, the issue of men’s respect for women is a hot topic. Centuries of oppression are beginning to be reversed in many western nations, but elsewhere women must still fight for the rights to vote, to become educated and to receive pay equal to that of men. It can be controversial to suggest that men deserve a little respect too, but the idea is to remind people that everyone should be treated with respect, regardless of gender.

When a woman feels disrespected by a man, she might feel angry and accuse him of being a chauvinist. When a man feels disrespected by a woman, he is not likely to make the same accusation, but resentment will simmer beneath the surface. A man needs to feel respected in order to feel appreciated and wanted. Here are three ways that a woman can make him desire her by demonstrating that respect.

Enhance His Masculinity

The differences between men and women are what draw the two sexes together out of curiosity, and what can repel them apart because of misunderstandings. As long as the former overcomes the latter, a couple can benefit from the unique things that each brings to the table. By appreciating a man’s masculine aspects – and demonstrating that appreciation – he is more likely to look upon your womanly qualities as something that he needs to make him feel whole.

Physical differences between men and women are obviously complementary, our bodies fitting together in places that seem built for one another. However, there is much more to attraction than taking any man and matching him with any woman. If you want to make him desire you and you alone, you will need to distinguish yourself as the right woman for him. You can do so by learning about his empty places, and filling in the gaps with your feminine love.

Anatomy is only one aspect of how the sexes differ. The woman who wants to know how to make a man desire her will pay attention to the places in his life where he feels incomplete. Perhaps he spends too much money and time dining out because he never learned to cook. Spending time together in the kitchen can be incredibly romantic; consider the saying “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Or maybe he works long hours without making time for relaxation. You can teach him about the value of social relationships by scheduling regular interactions with family and friends.

Make Him Feel Needed

Appealing to a man’s sense of dependability is a sure way to draw him close to you. The woman who refuses to rely on her man for anything will insult his sense of providing for her. We are not talking only about finances, but everyday things like fixing broken objects and discussing important issues. Everyone likes to feel that their opinions matter. Ask him for his.

The woman who knows how to make him desire her involves her man in her life. We are social creatures, not meant to spend all of our time apart or to solve all of our problems alone. The more you can make your man a partner in your problem solving and decision making, the stronger he will feel and the stronger your relationship will be.

Make Him Feel Wanted

Feeling appreciated and needed is crucial for a man’s sense of being respected by a woman. Feeling wanted is something else altogether. Think about it: you might need to eat your vegetables but you want a steak. Needing and wanting often coexist, but they are independent urges. After eating a salad you might feel proud of yourself for your healthy habits. When eating a steak, you are satisfying a deep craving and savoring each juicy bite.

It is not only altruism that should encourage a woman to show respect for a good man. He who feels needed but not wanted will find it difficult to return that desire to a woman. The wanted man will be empowered to want a woman. The greater the sense of longing a woman has for him, the more he will be driven to quench her carnal cravings. Mutual satisfaction is the goal.

If you want to know “How To Make Him Desire You”, check out the best-selling authority on the subject: Alex Carter’s How To Make Him Desire You. Thousands of women have already learned his secrets. Do not be left behind!

the art of getting him

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