Recipe For Desire – How To Make Him Desire You

Recipe For Desire – How To Make Him Desire You

Recipe For Desire – The Art of Getting Him

How To Make Him Desire You – The human body cannot function when it is not fed: it needs nutrition in the form of a healthy diet, and every once in a while it needs the energizing supplement of physical connection with another person. The best chefs in the world know how to please customers: selecting the best possible ingredients, preparing a dish with loving attention, allowing time for each step without rushing, and finally savoring the flavor of the masterpiece. Now, you can use the same recipe to make a man desire you.

The Right Ingredients

No delicious meal is made with poor quality ingredients, and a romance will fizzle instead of sizzle if the components do not work well together. The man you hope to entice will know if the qualities you bring to the relationship are artificial, or if the balance of “flavors” is off. Just as a chef tastes his creation throughout the cooking process, feeling free to add a pinch of salt or a bit more cream to improve taste and texture, a woman should give the best of herself to a man and monitor his feelings.

This means taking care of yourself and cultivating interests that will keep him interested in the whole you. To make him desire you, remember that very few men like to eat the same thing day after day. Some men translate this taste for variety into their love lives by courting multiple women. However, the wise woman knows that if she is multifaceted, he will never need anyone else to satisfy his carnal cravings.

Loving Preparation

Once you have acquired the finest ingredients for the man who is becoming increasingly hungry for you, it is time to plan the dining experience. Only when everything is cleaned and chopped and properly measured can they contribute their best flavors toward the final masterpiece. Similarly, attending to how you present yourself can go a long way in increasing his satisfaction as you spend time together.

Another part of the preparation involves setting the atmosphere. Even the most delicious meal prepared with love will not be enjoyed when served in the wrong environment. If you really want to know “How To Make Him Desire You”, let your surroundings assist you by choosing places with soft light, rhythmic music and seating space that lets you sit close together, face to face. Think about the phrase “so close I could taste it”, and plan accordingly!

Wait For It

The most difficult part of a gourmet experience is waiting for a dish to be ready. At the same time, it is absolutely essential and can make the difference between a so-so experience and one that will blow both of your minds. It is never easy to be patient as the scent of a delicious meal fills the air, or when you begin to feel the rising tension between you and that man as you slowly make him desire you. Just remember how much better things taste when ingredients have time to marry. Then you will realize that it will be well worth the wait if you can postpone coming together until the right moment.

Once a man has a taste for something — or someone — extraordinary, it will be difficult to settle for substandard experiences ever again. Processed foods lack the flavor of fresh ingredients in the same way that mediocre relationships lack the passion of ones that bring together two people who are strongly attracted to each other. There is simply no comparison.

Savor The Flavor

The woman who knows how to make him desire her rewards both her man and herself when at last it is time to savor the flavor of each other. A gourmet dish is one that should be enjoyed slowly, bite by bite, without any urgency. For two people who have both been involved in the selection and preparation of ingredients, it is deeply satisfying to detect the nuances of each in the final dish. It becomes instantly apparent that nothing works well without waiting to share something special.

At the end of a fine dining experience, it is customary to close with a bit of something sweet, such as a piece of chocolate, fruit or fortified wine. The sweetest thing of all, though, might be a calorie-free kiss. Unfortunately, one is seldom enough, and a new kind of hunger begins instead of ends…

More recommendations like these can be found in; Roonin Stark’s How To Make Him Desire You, now available online.

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Virtual Voyeurism – Make Him Desire You

Virtual Voyeurism – Make Him Desire You

Are You Stalking Him?

For better or for worse, having easy online access to other people’s personal lives through social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter lets us learn more than ever before about a person who has captured our attention. Sometimes it is people we already know that set us on a path to peeking into photo albums or tracking them from public check-ins at restaurants and clubs. Other times, just knowing the name of an intriguing guy makes it possible to start fact-finding. He may not even know that he is being virtually followed by someone who wants to learn more about him so that she can make him desire her.

We Are All Virtual Voyeurs

It was not so long ago that men and women got to know each other by spending time together in the same place. No one but our families knew what we ate for dinner last night. Our photo albums were stored in closets, out of sight except for reminiscing during reunions with friends. Updates from far-flung relatives came once or twice a year in birthday or holiday card greetings. If a woman wanted to make him desire her, she had to observe his tastes in person or find them out from his friends.

The situation is very different today, and we have the choice to share as little or as much with others as our social media security settings will allow. That phone or computer monitor screen can double as a window into the world of just about any man who is also sharing his life online. It is easier than ever to learn intimate things about virtual strangers.

Is it always right to look into that window? Doing so means that you can know his favorite foods, his musical tastes and how he feels about his job, without ever having a face-to-face conversation. These tidbits of knowledge about a man can help a woman who wants to know how to make him desire her. Unfortunately, they also open the possibility that we might see things we do not like, or which make us jealous and go into stalker mode.

Predatory Behavior

A lesson learned from the animal kingdom is that when one warm-blooded being wants another, the predator will do just about anything to capture its prey. An appetite for food or sex is deep, powerful and primal. We are born with desires for things that keep us alive on an individual basis and also as a species, and no amount of technological taming will destroy those instincts. Wanting to make him desire you may seem like a choice you can control, but it is not always so. Success in the chase and ultimate survival depends on quenching that thirst.

The faces of some of our favorite creatures reveal whether they play the role of the former or the latter in the natural world: two eyes that look straight ahead, such as those of cats or humans, indicate predator status. Meanwhile, eyes on either side of the face, such as those of birds (except owls) and fish, are a defense mechanism of animals who are hunted and need to scan the horizon for threats. When we want someone, the focus must be straight ahead. Men can be easily outsmarted and trapped by a predatory woman.

Prey For Desire

Of course, the ability to learn a lot about others means that people can learn private things about us, too. We forget this as we over-share the details of our lives online. Putting it all out there, whether by posting photographs from a night out with girlfriends that show a lot of skin, or updating one’s Facebook status every hour on the hour, can signal to a man that there is nothing left to know.

We might think it is sexy and attractive to reveal ourselves in this way, but it can backfire big-time when a man sees everything online and does not want to explore a woman’s mind (and body) in person. The woman who wants to know “How To Make Him Desire” her will heed the advice of grandmothers everywhere: less is more, ladies.

To learn more about the line between searching and stalking, check out Alex Carter’s “How To Make Him Desire You”. The book is a great guide for women who wish to inch closer and closer to a man without scaring him away for good.

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Passport to Desire

Passport to Desire

Passport to Passion

Love has bloomed across borders ever since borders have existed. It is a force that defies human laws and logic, pulling people toward each other despite differences in race, religion, nationality, personality and even language. Have you ever found yourself deeply attracted to a man without sharing much in common with him? And have you felt — or longed to feel — a man’s desire for you across great distances of geography or understanding?

You would be wrong to think it is impossible, or that such relationships are doomed to failure. Barriers of geography, language or culture have fueled some of the most passionate romances on the face of the earth. When you learn how to make him desire you from afar, it will feel like you are together even without buying a plane ticket or having to convince others that your love deserves a chance.

Challenge: Distance

One of the biggest challenges facing men and women these days is distance. Technology links us together almost constantly, so it is easy to forget that physical closeness is what most people want at the end of the day. Flirting with someone online or via text messaging can add excitement to our hours, but eventually, one person will want to meet to see if the chemistry exists face-to-face. So far, there is no app that can substitute for hungry lips coming together in a kiss.

Geography is not the only type of gulf that can separate two people. Sometimes, we live in the same city or neighborhood as a potential lover, but there are obstacles that prevent any intimate encounters. The one most familiar to a woman who wants to make a man desire her is that he seems uninterested in a relationship. The key to changing his attitude is to open his eyes and mind to the possibility of closeness. This cannot be achieved with language but by an unspoken seduction built by rising tension.

Challenge: Language

Another thing that can keep two lovers apart is language. There is nothing more frustrating — and funny — than trying to communicate with someone without words. It is easy to identify strangers who meet on a plane or train, or in a city square crowded with tourists. They use their hands to gesture and laugh a lot. If a few words are recalled from high school foreign language classes, we might be able to say hello, please, thank you and goodbye. Not enough to really get to know another person.

Of course, speaking the same language hardly guarantees that two people with truly understand each other. At times, men and women can seem to speak two different languages and to come from two different planets. When this happens, the quickest way to “Make Him Desire” you is to keep quiet and to rely on the language of love. A hand placed here and a kiss there will say things that words fail to communicate. Have you noticed how impossible it is to talk while kissing?

Challenge: Culture

Exotic, unfamiliar aspects of another person can draw people toward each other. A single sentence uttered with a sexy accent is enough to make some women weak in the knees. She is stirred by a desire to know more, not just about that beautiful man but about his background and culture. She wonders about his favorite foods, what type of music he listens to, what he thinks about politics and religion. All of those things are secondary to his sexiness, and the goal is knowing how to make him desire.

Other times, we know plenty about a person but our family, friends, culture or society disapproves of the relationship. Everyone has heard the advice that other peoples’ opinions are not important, and that love conquers all. But no man or woman is an island, and happiness multiplies when love can be shared with important people in our lives. In these cases, soul searching is just as important as finding and keeping a soul mate.

Love In Translation

Plenty of relationships defy conventions of culture, with gaps in geography or linguistic lapses. Lovers willing to travel in this territory, to explore more than the typical terrain, are often rewarded with an affair that can be incredibly intense. The wise women who are aware of this reward not only herself but the lucky man who does not yet know that she will make him desire her and provide him with a passport to passion. If you need a passport to passion and you don’t know how to get one you should read the book How To Make Him Desire You from Alex Carter.

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The Desire Between a Man and a Woman

The Desire Between a Man and a Woman

Pleasure In Perspective

If you have a mind that is tethered to your heart (and that is all of us, whether you attribute it to biology or conscience), it can sometimes be difficult to dwell on our individual, personal obsessions without feeling guilty about ignoring the important events of the outside world. The newspaper, radio and internet headlines scream at us about the endless and mindless wars in disputed territories which is beginning to affect hundreds of innocent civilians as they play on the beach or take to the skies for summer holidays. Beaches are bombed. Airplanes fall from the sky. Where is the love?

Banishing Borders

A glance at the globe from space shows a world without visible borders. Humans create them, and they cause immense suffering century after century. Most people would agree that what makes life worth living is love, and for that reason, it cannot be a waste of time to try to knock down the borders between us and to prevent new ones from forming. That applies to nations as well as individuals. Love, like war, may not be logical. But it is the only thing worth fighting for. When a woman yearns for a man, her knowledge of how to make him desire her is one of the most potent forces in the world.

Try A Little Tenderness

When a woman finds herself thinking of a man at all hours of the day, it is often an obsession that seems hard to control. She wakes up and lays in bed, wondering if he is doing the same thing across town or wherever he lives in the world. She makes coffee or tea and thinks about what he likes to drink in the morning, and what it would be like to be sharing these small intimate rituals. When these thoughts occur to her day after day, it is almost like togetherness, but without the ability to reach out and touch the person.

She imagines kissing him goodbye as they each leave for work in the morning. How handsome he would look in his crisp shirt, his strong hands carrying his briefcase or toolbox. They might trade notes throughout the day until the evening when they reunite with another kiss before deciding what to prepare for dinner, what type of wine would best complement the meal. And then the gestures of drawing even closer to one another, to make him desire her. Small things, but full of an intimacy that is much missed when it is not there.

Little Things Mean A Lot

The way that shared daily rituals recur without much appreciation is one of the smaller tragedies in a tragic world. Accidents and fighting tear people apart every day, and even couples who have lived alongside one another for years never know with certainty when that everyday life could come to a swift end. Fortunately, beginnings can be equally sudden and unpredictable, but when a woman knows what and who she wants, small efforts can add up to great rewards.

If a woman wants to know how to make a man desire her, all she has to do is look at what keeps couples together. It is not grand displays of romance like dozens of roses or vacations in 5-star hotels. It is not diamond jewelry or fancy cars. It is taking the time to share five extra minutes at the start and the close of the day. It is that morning coffee or tea. It knows which flavors excite the palette of the partner and cooking together in the kitchen instead of dining out at stuffy, over-priced restaurants. Getting hands dirty together, and coming clean with each other too. To make him desire her, a woman must never take such small opportunities for granted.

War and Peace

War is not going away anytime soon, but neither is love. None of us would exist if not for the biologically-driven desire between a man and a woman. It is such a potent, life-generating thing that its complexity should not be so surprising. And yet it is! It is time-consuming and frustrating and never guaranteed to work out the way we want it to, but when it does come to fruition, it makes all of life’s pains worth the suffering. When a woman learns how to make him desire her, she becomes the most potent force on the planet. Everything becomes possible, beginning with coffee or tea for two. If you want to know more about “How To Make Him Desire You by Alex Carter,” you should read his idea on his book How To Make him desire You. Click here to get one copy.

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Passion And Persistence

Passion And Persistence

Goal! Now What?

Passion and Persistence – With the start of the Women’s World Cup games in sultry France, the attention of millions of people around the globe have returned to the family, friends, work, school, or whatever held our primary focus before the month-long football tournament. If there is someone you had your eye on but the scattered schedules of summertime have interrupted your progress toward intimacy, there is no time like the present to resume your quest: to make him desire you.

Scoring A Goal Is Not Winning The Game

No matter where you are in your relationship with the man you desperately want to be near, it is essential to remember that any partnership takes continuous effort. Assuming you are the one driving it forward, the burden will be yours — at first. Fortunately, once you have that man close to your heart, the “effort” is simply a lot of intimacy, which will not feel like hard work at all! But until you reach that point of proximity, you can take lessons from the football field to help you reach your goal.

If you are like a lot of women across the world, one of the most fascinating aspects of the World Cup tournament was the sheer number of sexy men strenuously striving to help their teams reach the next level. If you managed to stop staring at the sweaty bodies of the passionate young athletes to admire the fluid motion of the game itself, you might have learned what it takes to achieve victory. Two things are absolutely necessary: passion and persistence.

Passion for a Purpose with Passion and Persistence

The teams of athletes who made it far enough into the competition to grace our television screens all had something in common: absolute determination to bring home the golden trophy to their countries. Like them, you will “score” when you figure out the formula for how to make him desire you. If this is not your goal, it will be much more difficult to succeed. But if you are reading this article, it can be safely assumed that you are already on your way toward togetherness.

Some people consider football (or soccer, as it is known in the United States) a boring sport with very little action compared to high-scoring games like basketball. After all, many of the matches ended with a tied score of 0-0. The athletes on the field would no doubt disagree that there was little action, but rather attribute a lack of goal scoring to good defense. For women intent on attracting the attention of a man, one of the best strategies is destroying any defenses he has in place, to reach that golden goal.

Persistence Lowers Resistance

Perhaps you have already conquered your man’s wall of resistance and the score has changed to 1-0 in your favor. You have his attention, and you know how to sneak past his natural defenses. Alas, the game is far from won. Not only is it possible for the score to change in an instant, eliminating your advantage, but it is a mistake to think that your work is done and everything will be easy from this point forward. Instead, the wise woman will always be generating new strategies to keep her man on his toes.

Winning A Game Is Not Enough

The team who took home the trophy at the end of the World Cup tournament never celebrated individual victories for long. They continually looked forward to the next challenge, the next opponent. It must be the same for the woman who knows, or wants to know, “How To Make A Man Desire” her. The world is full of visible and invisible threats to a couple’s happiness and togetherness. Only she who recognizes this fact will keep her man for the time it takes to secure a lasting foundation in the relationship.

Winning a single game is not enough to declare a clear victor. Individual goal scoring sometimes is due to luck or happy accidents. Likewise, it is hardly sufficient for you to “Passion and Persistence” by dressing in a sexy manner, saying sweet things or getting under his skin by planting the seeds of obsession. No, only when you know how to make him desire you will you ensure that you have the tools in your arsenal to win his heart again and again, until it feels like habit to him, until it feels so familiar and so right, and then the trophy is yours to keep and treasure.


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Hold His Heart In Your Hand

Hold His Heart In Your Hand

With Love For You – Make Him Desire You

Make Him Desire You – There is a love story that can be told with your hands. No, not with sign language or international gestures. Your hands play a role in all of your romantic relationships if you stop to think about it. They are what we use to move from an introductory handshake, whether formal or informal, to the intimate warmth of holding hands, all the way to the exchange of rings in marriage. We take our hands for granted with all that we use them for each day, but few things in life are more meaningful than placing your hand over a man’s heart and feeling it beat with love for you.

Thumbs Up

Thumbs are not just for texting, ladies. The opposable thumb stands alone from our fingers and its position on our hands is responsible for empowering people to make and use the tools that have driven societies forward for centuries. The next time you “like” something on Facebook with an upturned thumb, remember to be truly grateful for the part played by each digit of your lovely hands.

All Signs Point To Love

The index finger, also known as the pointer finger, turns pages of books, and it can turn the page of your own love story. It is the finger we used to indicate that something is Number One: a priority in life. When you meet a man who stirs desire deep inside of you, it will take some rearrangement of your previous priorities to make him feel like the most important thing to you, and begin to stir his own desire for you. There are many ways a woman can succeed at such a task, many of which are detailed in Alex Carter’s How To Make Him Desire You. It will always begin by opening your hand and beckoning him into your life.

Meeting In the Middle

Middle fingers are not associated with the most pleasant gestures in many parts of the world. Certainly in the West, showing someone “the finger” is considered rude and unwelcome, and it is typically triggered by some type of behavior that is just as rude or unwelcome. But the middle finger has a prominent position on our hands, and it is good to be reminded of the importance of demonstrating patience and not revealing our frustration when things seem to move more slowly than we wish in our romantic relations. After all, nothing stays the same forever, and the finger next to the middle digit is especially important; waiting is worthwhile.

The Ring Finger – Make Him Desire You

It is still the tradition of many cultures in the modern world for a man to ask a woman’s family for her hand in marriage. Even so, engagements are celebrated with a man slipping a sparkling diamond ring or a simple gold band on a joyful woman’s ring finger. Little girls dream about their wedding day from a very early age, but the journey from finding someone to love, to shaking hands, to holding hands, to marriage is seldom as simple as childhood tales. The chronology shows on our hands.

Promise Pinky Finger

The Pinky Swear

The last finger on our hands is also the tiniest, for most people, but it is special for at least one reason. Situated next to the all-important ring finger, the pinky finger is involved in its own promises. When two people want to commit to something, they show their seriousness with a “pinky swear”. It may not be as formal as a wedding ring and the promises that marriage represents, but pinky swears mean something to the pair of people who link their little fingers together and make a promise. The pinky fingers show that even after marriage is secured, there will be commitments to honor in life. As with marital infidelity, breaking a pinky promise has sad consequences but loyalty is rewarded.

From Shaking Hands To Holding Hands

If Disney cartoons and fairy tales are any indications, girls become women surrounded by stories of romantic love in the form of a Prince Charming character who arrives on horseback to save them from a sad and lonely life. Of course, we all know that marrying an actual prince is the reality for only a handful of women who live in countries with royal families — and in many cases, royal brides come from families with regal bloodlines. For the rest of the world, women are lucky if they find a man who treats them like a princess in blue jeans.

the art of getting him


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