Dance Your Way Into His Heart How To Make Him Desire You

Dance Your Way Into His Heart

Music Moves the World

Its rhythms mirroring our beating hearts. It sets the mood for festive parties of two hundred revelers or the nighttime embraces of two tangled lovers.

If you seek a partner for a lifetime or for the length of a song, consider the power of dance. Many times, you do not need a partner to sign up for dance classes, and going alone can ensure that you meet plenty of new people. I speak from experience when I say that it can be more fun to dance with ten or twenty partners in a night, than just one. Here’s how you can dance your way into the heart of a man and make him desire you.

Be An Available Partner and make him desire you

Let’s face it: you will never connect with the “man you desire” if he thinks you are not available as a partner. When it comes to the dance of romance, literally on the dance floor or figuratively in a long-term relationship, a good start involves a beautiful smile and a look of genuine interest. If you appear to be afraid or shy, try to suppress the instinct to be a wallflower. Even if you really are nervous, summon your confidence.

An important thing to remember is that a man will have an easier time approaching you if he does not have to fight to the middle of a circle of friends to ask you to dance. Stand alone, or to the side of your group of girlfriends, and remember that if you have other men in your circle it could send confusing signals about whether they are platonic friends or something more.

Find Your Rhythm

When a man asks you to dance, especially if it is the first time, you should take some time to adjust to each other’s physical proximity. The immediate intimacy will release a flood of emotions and hormones for both of you, as you use all of your senses to find your rhythm. Just as the smell of his skin might make your head spin with desire, your own perfume should not be too strong; when you are centimeters away from another body, it does not take much to have a powerful effect!

All of your sense will be on alert as you enter the dance. Hands will touch, to help keep two partners connected while their feet step to the beat unseen on the dance floor below. You might rest one of your hands on his muscular shoulder or arm as he finds the lower part of your back to guide you through the motions of the dance. The sound of the music may overpower his voice, which is not a bad thing because he will have to press his warm lips to your ear to say anything, and you will have to do the same.

Let Him Lead

One of the most difficult aspects of the dance for a modern woman is letting the man lead, even if you spend your days effectively managing others and you feel perfectly capable of being in charge. Believe me, there is a great reward that comes from yielding to the man during a dance. By being dependent for a change, you can experience lovely freedom from having to control anything other than your pounding heart as you move together to the music. It is good to let the man feel empowered, even if you have ambitions beyond the dance floor.

Live In The Moment

Going with the flow of the music and the movements of a man’s body means living in the moment. In fact, it is really not so different from making love — except you are fully clothed and there is a crowd of people around you! The point is that if you do not appreciate the minutes that make up the length of a song as you dance together, you cannot appreciate a lifetime as partners. Unlike a first date, dance maybe only five or ten precious minutes long, free of any commitment but potentially powerful nonetheless.

Say Thank You

The last thing to remember, at the end of the dance, is to thank your partner. You say thank you because it is polite. You say thank you because it is a real gift to spend five or ten minutes in the arms of another person. Musical tastes change but dance is cultural, something that has literally brought people together for millennia. Letting a man know you enjoyed your time together makes it more likely he’ll ask again. And again. For more advice like this, you will want to read Alex Carter’s How To Make Him Desire You.

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