Hold His Heart In Your Hand How To Make Him Desire You

Make Him Desire You – Hold His Heart In Your Hand

With Love For You – Make Him Desire You

Make Him Desire You – There is a love story that can be told with your hands. No, not with sign language or international gestures. Your hands play a role in all of your romantic relationships if you stop to think about it.

They are what we use to move from an introductory handshake, whether formal or informal, to the intimate warmth of holding hands, all the way to the exchange of rings in marriage.

We take our hands for granted with all that we use them for each day, but few things in life are more meaningful than placing your hand over a man’s heart and feeling it beat with love for you.

Thumbs Up

Thumbs are not just for texting, ladies. The opposable thumb stands alone from our fingers and its position on our hands is responsible for empowering people to make and use the tools that have driven societies forward for centuries.

The next time you “like” something on Facebook with an upturned thumb, remember to be truly grateful for the part played by each digit of your lovely hands.

All Signs Point To Love

The index finger, also known as the pointer finger, turns pages of books, and it can turn the page of your own love story. It is the finger we used to indicate that something is Number One: a priority in life.

When you meet a man who stirs desire deep inside of you, it will take some rearrangement of your previous priorities to make him feel like the most important thing to you, and begin to stir his own desire for you.

There are many ways a woman can succeed at such a task, many of which are detailed in Alex Carter’s How To Make Him Desire You. It will always begin by opening your hand and beckoning him into your life.

Meeting In the Middle

Middle fingers are not associated with the most pleasant gestures in many parts of the world. Certainly in the West, showing someone “the finger” is considered rude and unwelcome, and it is typically triggered by some type of behavior that is just as rude or unwelcome.

But the middle finger has a prominent position on our hands, and it is good to be reminded of the importance of demonstrating patience and not revealing our frustration when things seem to move more slowly than we wish in our romantic relations.

After all, nothing stays the same forever, and the finger next to the middle digit is especially important; waiting is worthwhile.

The Ring Finger – Make Him Desire You

It is still the tradition of many cultures in the modern world for a man to ask a woman’s family for her hand in marriage. Even so, engagements are celebrated with a man slipping a sparkling diamond ring or a simple gold band on a joyful woman’s ring finger.

Little girls dream about their wedding day from a very early age, but the journey from finding someone to love, to shaking hands, to holding hands, to marriage is seldom as simple as childhood tales. The chronology shows on our hands.

Promise Pinky Finger

The Pinky Swear

The last finger on our hands is also the tiniest, for most people, but it is special for at least one reason. Situated next to the all-important ring finger, the pinky finger is involved in its own promises. When two people want to commit to something, they show their seriousness with a “pinky swear”.

It may not be as formal as a wedding ring and the promises that marriage represents, but pinky swears mean something to the pair of people who link their little fingers together and make a promise. The pinky fingers show that even after marriage is secured, there will be commitments to honor in life. As with marital infidelity, breaking a pinky promise has sad consequences but loyalty is rewarded.

From Shaking Hands To Holding Hands

If Disney cartoons and fairy tales are any indications, girls become women surrounded by stories of romantic love in the form of a Prince Charming character who arrives on horseback to save them from a sad and lonely life.

Of course, we all know that marrying an actual prince is the reality for only a handful of women who live in countries with royal families — and in many cases, royal brides come from families with regal bloodlines. For the rest of the world, women are lucky if they find a man who treats them like a princess in blue jeans.

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