How To Make Him Desire You Passion And Persistence

Passion And Persistence

Goal! Now What?

Passion and Persistence – With the start of the Women’s World Cup games in sultry France, the attention of millions of people around the globe have returned to the family, friends, work, school, or whatever held our primary focus before the month-long football tournament.

If there is someone you had your eye on but the scattered schedules of summertime have interrupted your progress toward intimacy, there is no time like the present to resume your quest: to make him desire you.

Scoring A Goal Is Not Winning The Game

No matter where you are in your relationship with the man you desperately want to be near, it is essential to remember that any partnership takes continuous effort. Assuming you are the one driving it forward, the burden will be yours — at first. Fortunately, once you have that man close to your heart, the “effort” is simply a lot of intimacy, which will not feel like hard work at all! But until you reach that point of proximity, you can take lessons from the football field to help you reach your goal.

If you are like a lot of women across the world, one of the most fascinating aspects of the World Cup tournament was the sheer number of sexy men strenuously striving to help their teams reach the next level. If you managed to stop staring at the sweaty bodies of the passionate young athletes to admire the fluid motion of the game itself, you might have learned what it takes to achieve victory. Two things are absolutely necessary: passion and persistence.

Passion for a Purpose with Passion and Persistence

The teams of athletes who made it far enough into the competition to grace our television screens all had something in common: absolute determination to bring home the golden trophy to their countries. Like them, you will “score” when you figure out the formula for how to make him desire you. If this is not your goal, it will be much more difficult to succeed. But if you are reading this article, it can be safely assumed that you are already on your way toward togetherness.

Some people consider football (or soccer, as it is known in the United States) a boring sport with very little action compared to high-scoring games like basketball. After all, many of the matches ended with a tied score of 0-0. The athletes on the field would no doubt disagree that there was little action, but rather attribute a lack of goal scoring to good defense. For women intent on attracting the attention of a man, one of the best strategies is destroying any defenses he has in place, to reach that golden goal.

Persistence Lowers Resistance

Perhaps you have already conquered your man’s wall of resistance and the score has changed to 1-0 in your favor. You have his attention, and you know how to sneak past his natural defenses. Alas, the game is far from won. Not only is it possible for the score to change in an instant, eliminating your advantage, but it is a mistake to think that your work is done and everything will be easy from this point forward. Instead, the wise woman will always be generating new strategies to keep her man on his toes.

Winning A Game Is Not Enough

The team who took home the trophy at the end of the World Cup tournament never celebrated individual victories for long. They continually looked forward to the next challenge, the next opponent. It must be the same for the woman who knows, or wants to know, “How To Make A Man Desire” her. The world is full of visible and invisible threats to a couple’s happiness and togetherness. Only she who recognizes this fact will keep her man for the time it takes to secure a lasting foundation in the relationship.

Winning a single game is not enough to declare a clear victor. Individual goal scoring sometimes is due to luck or happy accidents. Likewise, it is hardly sufficient for you to “Passion and Persistence” by dressing in a sexy manner, saying sweet things or getting under his skin by planting the seeds of obsession. No, only when you know how to make him desire you will you ensure that you have the tools in your arsenal to win his heart again and again, until it feels like habit to him, until it feels so familiar and so right, and then the trophy is yours to keep and treasure.

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