How To Make Him Desire You Passport to Desire

How to make him desire you – Passport to Desire

how to make him desire you – Love has bloomed across borders ever since borders have existed. It is a force that defies human laws and logic, pulling people toward each other despite differences in race, religion, nationality, personality and even language.

Passport to Passion

Have you ever found yourself deeply attracted to a man without sharing much in common with him? And have you felt — or longed to feel — a man’s desire for you across great distances of geography or understanding?

You would be wrong to think it is impossible, or that such relationships are doomed to failure. Barriers of geography, language or culture have fueled some of the most passionate romances on the face of the earth. When you learn how to make him desire you from afar, it will feel like you are together even without buying a plane ticket or having to convince others that your love deserves a chance.

Challenge: Distance

One of the biggest challenges facing men and women these days is distance. Technology links us together almost constantly, so it is easy to forget that physical closeness is what most people want at the end of the day. Flirting with someone online or via text messaging can add excitement to our hours, but eventually, one person will want to meet to see if the chemistry exists face-to-face. So far, there is no app that can substitute for hungry lips coming together in a kiss.

Geography is not the only type of gulf that can separate two people. Sometimes, we live in the same city or neighborhood as a potential lover, but there are obstacles that prevent any intimate encounters. The one most familiar to a woman who wants to make a man desire her is that he seems uninterested in a relationship. The key to changing his attitude is to open his eyes and mind to the possibility of closeness. This cannot be achieved with language but by an unspoken seduction built by rising tension.

Challenge: Language

Another thing that can keep two lovers apart is language. There is nothing more frustrating — and funny — than trying to communicate with someone without words. It is easy to identify strangers who meet on a plane or train, or in a city square crowded with tourists. They use their hands to gesture and laugh a lot. If a few words are recalled from high school foreign language classes, we might be able to say hello, please, thank you and goodbye. Not enough to really get to know another person.

Of course, speaking the same language hardly guarantees that two people with truly understand each other. At times, men and women can seem to speak two different languages and to come from two different planets. When this happens, the quickest way to “Make Him Desire” you is to keep quiet and to rely on the language of love. A hand placed here and a kiss there will say things that words fail to communicate. Have you noticed how impossible it is to talk while kissing?

Challenge: Culture

Exotic, unfamiliar aspects of another person can draw people toward each other. A single sentence uttered with a sexy accent is enough to make some women weak in the knees. She is stirred by a desire to know more, not just about that beautiful man but about his background and culture. She wonders about his favorite foods, what type of music he listens to, what he thinks about politics and religion. All of those things are secondary to his sexiness, and the goal is knowing how to make him desire.

Other times, we know plenty about a person but our family, friends, culture or society disapproves of the relationship. Everyone has heard the advice that other peoples’ opinions are not important, and that love conquers all. But no man or woman is an island, and happiness multiplies when love can be shared with important people in our lives. In these cases, soul searching is just as important as finding and keeping a soul mate.

Love In Translation

Plenty of relationships defy conventions of culture, with gaps in geography or linguistic lapses. Lovers willing to travel in this territory, to explore more than the typical terrain, are often rewarded with an affair that can be incredibly intense. The wise women who are aware of this reward not only herself but the lucky man who does not yet know that she will make him desire her and provide him with a passport to passion. If you need a passport to passion and you don’t know how to get one you should read the book How To Make Him Desire You from Alex Carter.

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