How To Make Him Desire You Recipe For Desire

Recipe For Desire – How To Make Him Desire You

How To Make Him Desire You – The human body cannot function when it is not fed: it needs nutrition in the form of a healthy diet, and every once in a while it needs the energizing supplement of physical connection with another person.

Recipe For Desire – The Art of Getting Him

The best chefs in the world know how to please customers: selecting the best possible ingredients, preparing a dish with loving attention, allowing time for each step without rushing, and finally savoring the flavor of the masterpiece. Now, you can use the same recipe to make a man desire you.

The Right Ingredients

No delicious meal is made with poor quality ingredients, and a romance will fizzle instead of sizzle if the components do not work well together. The man you hope to entice will know if the qualities you bring to the relationship are artificial, or if the balance of “flavors” is off. Just as a chef tastes his creation throughout the cooking process, feeling free to add a pinch of salt or a bit more cream to improve taste and texture, a woman should give the best of herself to a man and monitor his feelings.

This means taking care of yourself and cultivating interests that will keep him interested in the whole you. To make him desire you, remember that very few men like to eat the same thing day after day. Some men translate this taste for variety into their love lives by courting multiple women. However, the wise woman knows that if she is multifaceted, he will never need anyone else to satisfy his carnal cravings.

Loving Preparation

Once you have acquired the finest ingredients for the man who is becoming increasingly hungry for you, it is time to plan the dining experience. Only when everything is cleaned and chopped and properly measured can they contribute their best flavors toward the final masterpiece. Similarly, attending to how you present yourself can go a long way in increasing his satisfaction as you spend time together.

Another part of the preparation involves setting the atmosphere. Even the most delicious meal prepared with love will not be enjoyed when served in the wrong environment. If you really want to know “How To Make Him Desire You”, let your surroundings assist you by choosing places with soft light, rhythmic music and seating space that lets you sit close together, face to face. Think about the phrase “so close I could taste it”, and plan accordingly!

Wait For It

The most difficult part of a gourmet experience is waiting for a dish to be ready. At the same time, it is absolutely essential and can make the difference between a so-so experience and one that will blow both of your minds. It is never easy to be patient as the scent of a delicious meal fills the air, or when you begin to feel the rising tension between you and that man as you slowly make him desire you. Just remember how much better things taste when ingredients have time to marry. Then you will realize that it will be well worth the wait if you can postpone coming together until the right moment.

Once a man has a taste for something — or someone — extraordinary, it will be difficult to settle for substandard experiences ever again. Processed foods lack the flavor of fresh ingredients in the same way that mediocre relationships lack the passion of ones that bring together two people who are strongly attracted to each other. There is simply no comparison.

Savor The Flavor

The woman who knows how to make him desire her rewards both her man and herself when at last it is time to savor the flavor of each other. A gourmet dish is one that should be enjoyed slowly, bite by bite, without any urgency. For two people who have both been involved in the selection and preparation of ingredients, it is deeply satisfying to detect the nuances of each in the final dish. It becomes instantly apparent that nothing works well without waiting to share something special.

At the end of a fine dining experience, it is customary to close with a bit of something sweet, such as a piece of chocolate, fruit or fortified wine. The sweetest thing of all, though, might be a calorie-free kiss. Unfortunately, one is seldom enough, and a new kind of hunger begins instead of ends…

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