How To Make Him Desire You The Basics of a Beautiful Body

The Basics of a Beautiful Body

Size Matters – The Art of Getting Him

The Art of Getting Him – “If only my lips were full, like Scarlett Johansson’s. If only I had Halle Berry‘s perfect breasts. If only I had legs like that gorgeous Charlize Theron.”

It is not unusual for a woman to feel inadequate in some way, and to blame a part of her body for her inability to attract the man she deeply desires. Masses of money are spent each year on plastic surgery to add something here and to remove something there in the average woman’s pursuit of a supermodel’s body. But what if you learned that none of that matters and that what would really The Art of Getting Him is a few changes you can make beneath the surface?

The Perfect Lips

Lips are important for so many reasons. They can spread into a spectacular smile or fall into a frown, expressing without words our mysterious emotions. Women paint them with bright shades of pink or red to draw attention to our sensual femininity, inviting men to imagine what it might be like to lean in for a sweet, soft kiss.

Changing the shape of your mouth to suit the current trend of pillowy lips a la Angelina Jolie could alter their size and appearance, but it would have no influence on one of the primary purposes of your pout: language. You may not realize it, but we use our lips to form sounds and words; they are essential for successful communication. Try saying the words “beautiful” or “flower” or “mother” without your lips. You cannot do it, can you?

The Perfect Chest

A perky pair of breasts captures the attention of men and women alike, and it is nearly impossible to be a woman in the modern world without worrying about how we “stack up” to others. Those with a small chest pad their bras to appear bigger and more voluptuous, and those with a heavy, pendulous bosom worry about the effect of gravity and wish they could wear tiny dresses without seeming too promiscuous. Meanwhile, plastic surgeons wait in the wings to adjust our busts.

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But behind every pair of breasts is a beating heart, and it is that heart that a man yearns to know when he meets a woman. The heart is symbolic of both passion and compassion. When you think about it, it is the same for women with men. A broad, strong chest is masculine and sexy but it means little if the heart it houses is small and cold. Women seek more than a shell as a partner, and so do men.

The Perfect Legs

Let’s face it ladies: the models that grace the covers of magazines and advertisements are seldom as short as the average woman. Their long, thin legs seem to rise as high as the skyscrapers of the cities their images dominate. To compensate for not ascending to the heights of supermodels, women all over the world wear high heels, short skirts and engage in other optical illusions to give the impression that we are longer and leaner than the true shape of our bodies.

Do men find long legs attractive? Many do, undoubtedly. But there is something sexier than towering over people without being able to look them directly in the eyes. Our legs propel us through life, transporting us from one place to the next destination depending on our personal goals. Where you have been in your life, and where you want to go, matters a great deal to men. They like a woman who has some idea about where she is headed because only then will the man you desire to know if there is room for him on the journey.

Full (Inner) Body Makeover – The Art of Getting Him

It should now be obvious that it is not the exterior of your body that needs to change to attract a man. Your body works, it is beautiful. It houses your mind and your heart and your soul, and those are the things that will keep a man by your side with or without lipstick, a Miracle Bra, or a pricey pair of Prada pumps.

If you speak with truth and kindness, your lips are perfect. You care about your family and your friends and complete strangers, your chest needs no enhancement. If you have survived some of life’s challenges and are excited about the places you have yet to see along your life’s path, your legs are incredibly sexy.

For more insight about attracting a man’s undivided attention, consult Roonin Stark’s The Art of Getting Him.

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