How To Make Him Desire You The Comfort of Discomfort

The Comfort of Discomfort

Get Under His Skin

How to Make Him Desire You – Have you ever worn a wool sweater and been irritated by itching the entire time? Or perhaps a small stone kicked up into your shoe and made its presence known with every step you took until you finally had to take off your shoe to remove it.

Minor irritations like this consume our attention because of their discomfort, and it becomes extremely difficult to concentrate on anything else.

Women can take advantage of this principle when it comes to attracting men and experiencing how it feels to be the object of their intense attention. In “How To Make Him Desire You” by internationally acclaimed author Alex Carter, you will learn novel and previously unpublished tips and tricks, from the male perspective, about how to get under his skin and dominate his every thought.

The Comfort of Discomfort

The Timeless Attraction of Being Naughty

One method for getting him attracted to you is by annoying him. According to Carter, men want you to annoy them. If a woman is overly concerned about being polite and nice, she will have zero chance of attracting him, because that is not the way to make a man wild with desire. We have all heard about the timeless attraction of the bad boy or the bad girl, and no matter how much it drives us crazy to be drawn to someone who is obviously bad for us, we often cannot help ourselves. In this case, there is no need to become a bad person, but a little discomfort is desirable if you want him to notice you.

In order to get him attracted by making him uncomfortable, you must not be too obvious in your motives. It would not be effective, for example, to cause him physical pain or to torture him with unkind words or cold glances. There is a balance between pain and pleasure, comfort and discomfort, that is the target zone. Just as we enjoy things more when we have to work hard for them, men need to be shaken from their comfort zone and learn that you are worth the pursuit.

Naughty Is Nice — Very, Very Nice

As Alex Carter says advises in his book, you must “make him uncomfortable to win his heart.” The great advantage of this is that you transfer your own discomfort and frustration about your situation onto him. However, he is not actually uncomfortable in a negative way; rather it is a positive experience of uneasiness, and something he is unable to ignore. The result is that it makes him desire you because you are the only cure for his dis-ease. And that makes the secrets contained inside of “How To Make Him Desire You” far more valuable than the cost of the book itself.

Can you really put a price on being made to feel like a queen?

The art of getting him book review

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