How To Make Him Desire You The Desire Between a Man and a Woman

The Desire Between a Man and a Woman

Pleasure In Perspective

If you have a mind that is tethered to your heart (and that is all of us, whether you attribute it to biology or conscience), it can sometimes be difficult to dwell on our individual, personal obsessions without feeling guilty about ignoring the important events of the outside world.

The newspaper, radio and internet headlines scream at us about the endless and mindless wars in disputed territories which is beginning to affect hundreds of innocent civilians as they play on the beach or take to the skies for summer holidays. Beaches are bombed. Airplanes fall from the sky. Where is the love?

Banishing Borders

A glance at the globe from space shows a world without visible borders. Humans create them, and they cause immense suffering century after century. Most people would agree that what makes life worth living is love, and for that reason, it cannot be a waste of time to try to knock down the borders between us and to prevent new ones from forming. That applies to nations as well as individuals. Love, like war, may not be logical. But it is the only thing worth fighting for. When a woman yearns for a man, her knowledge of how to make him desire her is one of the most potent forces in the world.

Try A Little Tenderness

When a woman finds herself thinking of a man at all hours of the day, it is often an obsession that seems hard to control. She wakes up and lays in bed, wondering if he is doing the same thing across town or wherever he lives in the world. She makes coffee or tea and thinks about what he likes to drink in the morning, and what it would be like to be sharing these small intimate rituals. When these thoughts occur to her day after day, it is almost like togetherness, but without the ability to reach out and touch the person.

She imagines kissing him goodbye as they each leave for work in the morning. How handsome he would look in his crisp shirt, his strong hands carrying his briefcase or toolbox. They might trade notes throughout the day until the evening when they reunite with another kiss before deciding what to prepare for dinner, what type of wine would best complement the meal. And then the gestures of drawing even closer to one another, to make him desire her. Small things, but full of an intimacy that is much missed when it is not there.

Little Things Mean A Lot

The way that shared daily rituals recur without much appreciation is one of the smaller tragedies in a tragic world. Accidents and fighting tear people apart every day, and even couples who have lived alongside one another for years never know with certainty when that everyday life could come to a swift end. Fortunately, beginnings can be equally sudden and unpredictable, but when a woman knows what and who she wants, small efforts can add up to great rewards.

If a woman wants to know how to make a man desire her, all she has to do is look at what keeps couples together. It is not grand displays of romance like dozens of roses or vacations in 5-star hotels. It is not diamond jewelry or fancy cars. It is taking the time to share five extra minutes at the start and the close of the day. It is that morning coffee or tea. It knows which flavors excite the palette of the partner and cooking together in the kitchen instead of dining out at stuffy, over-priced restaurants. Getting hands dirty together, and coming clean with each other too. To make him desire her, a woman must never take such small opportunities for granted.

War and Peace

War is not going away anytime soon, but neither is love. None of us would exist if not for the biologically-driven desire between a man and a woman. It is such a potent, life-generating thing that its complexity should not be so surprising. And yet it is! It is time-consuming and frustrating and never guaranteed to work out the way we want it to, but when it does come to fruition, it makes all of life’s pains worth the suffering. When a woman learns how to make him desire her, she becomes the most potent force on the planet. Everything becomes possible, beginning with coffee or tea for two. If you want to know more about “How To Make Him Desire You by Alex Carter,” you should read his idea on his book How To Make him desire You. Click here to get one copy.

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