How To Make Him Desire You The Desire for Desire

The Desire for Desire

Make Him Desire You

How to Make Him Desire You – Why does it feel so good to be wanted by another person? The easy answer is that it makes us feel attractive and sexy, which in turn gives us a type of power over others that can be used to reward or punish those who desire us.

On a deeper level, being desired validates the long list of decisions we have made in our lives that make us who we are today.

Both in terms of physical appearance and, hopefully, the aspects of our personalities that make us intriguing to others. That could be career success, a great sense of humor, artistic talent, or anything that different people find attractive.

Armed with this knowledge, is entirely possible to increase your desirability and to make men want you with every fiber of their being. All you have to do is make future decisions keeping in mind whether your choices contribute to you, becoming a more interesting person. According to Alex Carter’s best-selling book How To Make Him Desire You, there are many ways that women become fascinating from a male perspective. It could be that you begin to show your femininity in a certain way that sends a signal to him that he should pay special attention to you. The secret is not to do it for a man, but to do it for yourself, and not to adjust your behavior based on his initial reaction, whether positive or negative.

Your Little Black Dress

Let’s say you buy a little black dress because it makes you feel good; it hugs your body; it gives you confidence every time you wear it. You smile more. You take your time walking up and down the aisles of the grocery store or go out of your way to pass the attractive barista at the cafe near your office. Now let’s say the man you like tells you he does not like the dress. Do you throw it away? I hope not! Doing so not only deprives you of the joy you previously felt while wearing it, but it sends a signal to him that you are not sure of yourself, that you are willing to let him control every aspect of your behavior. That lack of self-confidence tells him you do not know who you are, which is a huge turn-off. Ladies, this is not the way to make him desire you.

Heed the words of Alex Carter in “How To Make Him Desire You”: men are drawn to women whose opinions of themselves are not based on any man’s desire. It is a far cry from saying that you should stop caring about your appearance. Instead, the secret to making a man want you is to let him know by the way you carry yourself with confidence that you are full of hidden facets, like a diamond reflecting a ray of light, which will keep him fascinated and under your spell far into the future.

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