The Mechanics Of Human Relationship

How To Make Him desire You – One of the nicest things about being a woman is not being expected to understand the mechanics of heavy machinery.

If the tire is flat on the car, if the oil needs changing or if there is a strange sound emanating from under the hood, all it takes is a phone call to a father, brother, boyfriend or husband to try to solve the problem.

Or, we call a mechanic and pay to leave the dirty work to the experts. For most women, there is simply too much else to worry, like human relationships and how to make a man desire her. When it comes to machinery, we just want things to function correctly and we do not need to know how they work.

Men may look upon their grease-phobic female counterparts in frustration. But what they do not always appreciate is that women are very much concerned about how things work in the romance department. While a man is tinkering in the garage with screws and tools, a woman is usually hard at work analyzing the moving parts of her relationship with a man. One of the most perplexing – but rewarding – challenges is learning to make him desire her. In fact, there are several correlations between mechanical and flesh-and-blood relationships.

Little Pieces Are Important

Taking things apart to understand how they work at a fundamental level can reveal fascinating insights. For an auto mechanic or repairman, this usually means keeping track of lots of tiny parts that each contribute something to the whole machine. Misplacing something small can have disastrous consequences, especially if a lot of work is involved in rebuilding a piece of equipment. Likewise, the breakdown of a small component can render a giant machine inoperable.

It is the same with relationships. Women typically excel at the analysis of human behavior, which is why their careful observations of male habits can reveal how to make him desire her. Unfortunately for men, this same attention to detail makes it easy for a man to upset a woman by saying the wrong thing or forgetting to do something important.

The man may be completely oblivious to the oversight, but the woman seldom forgets and the relationship can stall or have performance problems because the man does not know how to fix what is broken beneath the surface.

Get Your Hands Dirty on How To Make Him Desire You

Another similarity between mechanical things and human relationships is that to solve messy problems, no one should be afraid to get dirty. For men trying to fix a problem with a motorcycle or car, it can be assumed that there will be oil and grease involved, and hands are not going to stay very clean. For a couple working on how to keep a relationship on track, honesty means admitting faults and forgiving each other. It is important to the future functioning of the relationship, but tears are bound to be shed as defenses break down.

It has often been said that women are too sensitive and secretive, and that if they would simply tell a man what they want then there would be harmony. The man who thinks this way should be reminded of what works for him in the garage or repair shop: nothing gets fixed without solving the deeper, hidden problems. Putting a shiny coat of paint on an old car does not guarantee that it will run well. The woman who succeeds in showing this universal truth to her man will make him desire her for being willing to relate her point of view with his.

Maintenance Is Important

In addition to paying attention to detail and being willing to fix what is broken, a key component of proper function for both automated machinery and human relationships is regular maintenance. The woman who wants to know “How To Make Him Desire You” long past the “honeymoon period” of a courtship could learn from her car salesman when he reminds her of the importance of periodic oil changes, maintaining the right tire pressure, and replacing worn parts. It is vital to take inventory every once in awhile, which shows that nothing is taken for granted.

Men do not always like to fix what is not broken, but without ensuring the quality of all parts of a machine or relationship it is more likely that something will break down eventually. A great manual for strong relationships is Alex Carter’s How To Make A Man Desire You, now available online. How To Make Him desire You

How To Make Him desire You

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