How To Make Him Desire You The Relationship Between Pain and Pleasure

The Relationship Between Pain and Pleasure

Break the Cycle of Solitary Sadness

Tears, tears and more tears. Any woman who has pursued a man only to be met by rejection or a lack of interest knows the feeling. It can feel like such a struggle sometimes.

Once in a while, we finally do catch the man, and there is a happy period when we experience the bliss of human connection. Then, the “honeymoon” ends (even if there was never a wedding)! Soon we are disappointed by his diminishing affection and attention as he spends more time at work, with friends, or engaging in activities that excuse you. That wonderful feeling of accomplishment that came when you attracted him in the first place vanishes, and you wonder what you should do to make him desire you again.

From Pain To Power

Alex Carter’s “How to Make Him Desire You” is for you, ladies. Carter has been in the position of the man who has strayed from woman to woman, and in his breakthrough book he explains to his readers exactly when he lost interest in one woman and became hopelessly, magnetically attracted to another. These are things that every woman needs to know to hold onto the man she has now, to attract other men, and to be able to avoid future heartbreak. The secret? You can turn all of your past pain into power by paying attention to what the author is sharing with the public for the first time. Soon, you will become aware of exactly what needs to happen to make him desire you.

From Pain to Power

From Power to Pleasure

Every woman with girlfriends has heard horror stories of betrayal, cheating, and divorce. These stories pull at your heart strings because you relate to them. We have all experienced the frustration of being unable to attract and hold onto the man we most desire. However, the pain could have been avoided if the women had been aware of the secrets contained in the pages of “How To Make Him Desire You”. A few easy tricks will be at your disposal for you to use to drive a man absolutely insane with desire. Suddenly, your pain will transform into pleasure when you experience intense attraction and become the object of your man’s obsessive desire.

Drive His Desire

The art of getting him book review

It should come as no surprise that men and women experience pleasure and pain differently. We may all be human, but we have important biological differences that set us apart. In fact, some of these differences draw us toward each other. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you can take advantage of the advice, provided from a man’s perspective, about what buttons to push to drive a man crazy and make him desire you day and night. The trick is that they differ, in most cases, from what you would expect. The trouble is that the efforts which might be effective on women work differently with men. Alex Carter details these differences and explains how to change your thinking to put yourself in the driving seat, instead of feeling like a passenger along for the ride.

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