How To Make Him Desire You The Seduction of Surprise

The Seduction of Surprise

Be Unexpected

Make Him Desire You – When you think back to the moments in life which live most vibrantly in your memory, chances are that they are not about your day-to-day routine: brushing teeth, making coffee, sitting in traffic, grocery shopping.

Those moments do add up to life, of course, but they are not the ones you will reminisce about from your rocking chair someday. But you do remember your first kiss, and you do recall your first heartbreak because intimate love and crushing loss were once unfamiliar sensations. The body, and the brain which is part of the body keep detailed records of first-time events to help us deal with them when they occur again. So maybe the second kiss was a little less memorable than the first; enjoyable at the moment, one hopes, but not worth storing in the mind in crystal clear detail.

We can learn from this phenomenon of novel experiences being the most memorable ones in life when it comes to attracting the desire of a man. Do you want to haunt his memory when you are not in the same room? Be unexpected! In a society which seems to reward people for following the crowd and behaving according to predefined rules, it might be challenging at first to learn to differentiate yourself from others. However, there is a very real reward for being brave enough to stand out from the crowd, whether it is for your fashion sense, your passionate participation in a cause you care about, or simply the fact that you radiate positive energy with your easy smile. The prize for your innovation and originality can come in the form of a man — or men! — fascinated by what makes you tick.

The Art of Surprise

Just as married couples benefit from reigniting the excitement of first encounters with “date nights” and role-playing behind closed doors, you can gain an amorous advantage with the man you desire by standing out from the rest of the women in his world, as someone new and exciting. That cannot happen if you wear the same clothes as the mannequins at H&M, without injecting any style of your own. It won’t happen if you travel in a pack of female friends without somehow distinguishing yourself as uniquely interesting. And please do not think you will be fascinating to him by wearing a perpetual frown on your face; there are enough sadness and treachery in this world without suffering for surface reasons like long lines at the market, a screaming child on the bus, or rain in the summertime. A smile, some spunk and interest outside of yourself are what will “make him desire you”.

When babies are first learning language, researchers can tell when they have picked up on new sound combinations because their attention is immediately diverted by the novel words. They might turn their head, or stop doing what they were doing before to focus on what is unfamiliar to their developing lexicon. Isn’t this what you hope for from that man whose attention you seek? The solution is simple! You have to be as fresh and unexpected to him as a new word he has never heard before. Not only will he turn to watch you, but you will enter his memory because the experience will be something he has never encountered in his life up to this point.

The Thrill of the Chase

If you are not quite sure how to succeed at the task of surprising the man of your dreams, remember that the point is to have fun with this part of the chase. It is not very hard at all if you simply express your authentic self, without any fear. After all, what do you think is the worst that can happen? That the man you like today will not be interested in the “real” you? Ah, but what about the men you do not know about, who will be watching too, and who will value you and all your unique attributes? There is absolutely nothing for you to lose by confidently showing your individuality. If you believe that unexpected people and events are more powerful than expected ones — if you remember your first kiss and the way it tasted and the way the sun was shining that day or what song was playing on the radio — you will not be afraid to surprise him with the truth of who you are.

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