How To Make Him Desire You Win the War Against The Other Woman

Win the War Against The Other Woman

The Art of Getting Him

Many love songs and ageless stories are devoted to the topic of The Other Woman. Sometimes, she is the evil aggressor who comes between two people who are supposedly happily in love.

Other times, it is the man who strays in a quest for fresh flesh. Regardless of who is to blame for turning a pair into a triangle, there is something you can do about it, which will be useful every single time. A compelling method outlined in Roonin Stark’s book The Art of Getting Him.

The Art of Getting Him – Ask Yourself An Important Question

Put yourself in the position of the man you desire; actually, you may have been in his place before. Have you ever been attracted to more than one person at once? It is natural, considering how many beautiful and interesting people there are in the world. Maybe you have a crush on someone you work with, but enjoy seeing that hot guy at the gym in the evenings, and when you meet friends for coffee on the weekend there is that adorable waiter whose eyes you could swim in for days. Even if you are in a committed relationship, it is normal and natural to notice the people around us.

Adapt Yourself to An Evolutionary Truth

Now ask yourself: Is it feasible to be involved with all of those beautiful people at the same time? Not only would it be exhausting at best, but it is also physically impossible to divide your attention in so many ways with any satisfying result. That is why you should not worry and obsess about the fact that your guy’s view strays when he is with you. It does not mean that he is not into you. It means that he is a man, biologically programmed to scan the horizon for predators (and prey). Accepting that fact should cause you to relax a bit, which will, in turn, relax him a bit when he is around you.

Win the war against the other woman

A Confident Woman is A Deeply Desired Woman

There is simply nothing LESS appealing than insecurity. If a man sees that you doubt his interest in you, do not whine and moan and nag and otherwise make yourself look desperate. It will only make those other women seem more appealing because the message that it gives to him is that you know you are not as high as those other women he notices. If, on the other hand, you respond to his straying ways by smiling and walking away, you send the message that you know you are innately awesome and will find another source of attention if he will not treat you with the respect you deserve. There is nothing more attractive than confidence, and there is nothing that will drive him crazier and make him think twice about you than by showing him that you do not need him.

And guess what, ladies? You do not need him if he is not into you. Take the lessons inside “The Art of Getting Him” and apply them in your pursuit of someone who deserves your energy, time, and love.

The art of getting him book review

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