How To Make Him Desire You You Don't Need To Change For Him

You Don’t Need To Change For Him

You Do Need To Change – How To Make Him Desire You

How To Make Him Desire You – In your efforts to make yourself more attractive to men, the most important thing you will learn today is this: men do not desire one woman.

What I mean by that is that there is not some mythical Ideal Woman that every man on earth agrees is the most desirable. Just as you are not attracted to every man on the face of the planet, the man you desire almost certainly has particular features that he finds attractive in a woman, and they will differ from the preferences of other men. Maybe he would not reject the advances of a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, but looks are not enough to sustain a relationship. Most importantly, there ARE attributes which you possess right now that he could find desirable if he does not already.

Change is Good

The premise of Alex Carter’s “How To Make Him Desire You” is simple: you do not need to change who you are, fundamentally, to become more desirable. But this is not the same thing as saying you do not need to change. What the author advises is altering those aspects of your current behavior, which somehow suppress the expression of your best and most desirable qualities. Fortunately, he also explains how to know which attributes should be the focus of your speech.

Just as the passing of seasons brings changes to the landscape and the passing of years brings changes to your body, emotional maturity involves accepting who you are, deep down in your heart as well as on the surface, and working with nature to achieve what you most desire. If you have not had the best of luck with men and relationships in the past, it may be that you were trying too hard to become someone you were not, thinking that it would please that man you so wanted to want you. It is a fatal error.

A Simple Solution

The solution is always to only change in ways that do not conflict with your essential, fundamental self. If you alter some aspect of yourself that you like, to please others, you will never make him desire you. In the same way, if there is something about yourself that does bother you, you should pay attention to your intuition and try to change it, because that is how you become a happier person, and happy people are attractive people.

When you expose yourself to the secrets contained in How To Make Him Desire You, you will realize just what it is about you that you should suppress or highlight to attract men to you. Even better, it will be easy for you to make these changes because they will align with who you are at your core. But the best part of all? The men who will desire you after you make these slight but necessary alterations to your appearance or behavior will be just right for you because you will be the ideal woman in their eyes.

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